Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Lent Journal 18

It's not Easter yet, but I feel like I've risen from the dead! =P

I've been pondering (I've had a lot of time to think & freak) about what certain aspects of the celebration of the Lent that I would like to talk about. As a good individualistic evangelical protestant Christian, I've focused the first posts on my personal experiences & life. But Lent is more about a corporative celebration (I prefer the word "communitarian", but this second word is not so much used).

In the Anglican & Lutheran churches we use different colours for different liturgical seasons. The colours are one of the symbols that help you understand the message of the Bible for that time of the year - and also helps you to focus on the message.

This is how a church might look with the purple hangings. In the church I attend, the priests wear a white or unbleached dress with a purple stole. In the Lutheran church, the priests wear all black most of the year, and there isn't much variation.


Here are the Reading for today. I 

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  1. Não importam as cores, o que importa é que estamos reunidos em prol do bem para a humanidade. Como disse Jesus apos a parabola do samaritano: "Va e faça o mesmo."
    Eu estou aqui tentando um contato com voce! Saudade de quando estudavamos juntas solfejo e canto, de quando falavamos besteiras felizes no Brasil. Quanto tempo que nao recebo noticias suas, te mandei um email e vc nao respondeu! Como voce esta? Como vai sua missao? Ja conseguiu encontrar um por do sol do seu agrado? :)